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More Proxies For Free Airtel GPRS

I am back with new proxies for Free Airtel GPRS.
Here is the list.....
  1. sneakyfilter(dot)info.
  2. wayaroundit(dot)info.
  3. inpath(dot)info.
  4. speedbreakers(dot)info.
  5. spideroxy(dot)com.
  6. superaccess(dot)info.
  7. fire30(dot)info.  
 These are just few proxies for Free Airtel GPRS.
If you don't know how to use these then read my previous posts about Free Airtel GPRS.
And If you want more and more proxies then simply make a Google search,you will find lots of free proxies.
If you have any problem using these then leave a comment.
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    Omkar Fatale

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