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Hacking Facebook Password --- Bug Fixed!!!

http://freetips-and-tricks4u.blogspot.inMost of us now a days, when they hear/read the word "Facebook" or "Facebook Password", get excited!!! This shows that how closely we are attached to "Facebook".

       Yesterday, while browsing through one of my favorite blog, I found this article about "Facebook bug". You can read full article HERE. The flaw allows anyone to reset the password of any Facebook user without knowing his last password.See images below how this bug allowed hacker to hack/change password of any user without knowing his last password.

Following is the URL which exploits the bug:- ""
When a hacker goes to this URL Facebook asks to change his password for further protection. After that this page will redirect you to another page at "[userid]&r=web_hacked"

Researcher noticed that "f" parameter in the URL which represents your user ID and replacing the user ID with victim's user ID allow him to get into next page where attacker can reset the password of victim without knowing his last password.
This bug is now fixed by Facebook, when reported by "Sow Ching Shiong", an independent vulnerability researcher.

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Omkar Fatale

Omkar Fatale

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