Wednesday, December 5, 2012

S40 Tricks and hacks - How To Read Or Open Zip Files In S40 Mobiles...

 Hi friends,
All of you know that its nearly impossible to read/open zip file in s40 mobile phones. And most of the time we need to open a zip file in our s40 mobile phone, which we download from the internet.

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           Today I am going to help you with this, actually its not a trick or any kind of hack, There is a simple way of doing it. Coming straight to point there are lots of free s40 java application available on internet for opening zip file in s40 mobile phones.
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           If you do a search on google like "s40 application for opening zip file" or something like that, you will find lots of applications. It would be better if you directly go to getjar and search. You will definitely find lot more applications.
here are some of the applications:
  • zip utility
  • blue ftp
  • Xplore me
  • File explorer
You can download this s40 applications from getjar website. If you have any problem then let mem know by leaving comments...



  1. .jar files are shown unsupported in zip utility

    1. because zip utility supports only .zip files! try using other softwares... You can open .jar files on computer using winrar application...


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