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Microsoft VS Google "Let It Snow" Trick!!!

Wanna play with snow flakes on your browser ? then you are at the right place. There are two versions of this "Let It Snow" trick or you can say it as a game.

First one was started by Google around 17-20 Dec 2011, I am not sure about this. and second one was started by Microsoft around 20-22 Dec 2011.

Google's "Let It Snow" was one of the famous Easter Eggs, for example as I posted earlier in "Do You Know These Google's Best Magic Tricks?" post. Check out the previous post on Google Magic Tricks for more Google Easter Eggs Tricks.

 Microsoft's "Let It snow" was made for testing the performance of HTML5 on IE9 and IE10 and since they can take advantage of GPU of the computer they are running on. Microsoft has made available a GPU-powered snow storm for those who would like to have a look at how the browser can perform when 1000 snowflakes assault it.

Lets first see how Google's "Let It snow" Trick Works:
  1. First go to 
  2. Enter "Let It Snow".
  3. And hit "Enter"
  4. Snow flakes will start to fall.
  5. Enjoy.

Now lets see how Microsoft's Let It Snow Trick Works:
  1. For this you don't have to type anything.
  2. Simply Visit the following URL and play "Let It Snow"
  3. Microsft's Let It Snow

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Omkar Fatale

Omkar Fatale

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