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The Internet : 10 Interesting Facts You Don't Know.

Facts You Don't Know

Here are 10 interesting facts about the Internet you don't know. This data is gathered from the internet.
  1. Most famous social networking website Facebook founded by Mark Zuckerberg has more than 1,110 millions registered user as of March 31 2013.
  2. A news website contains as much information as a person of the 18th century could learn. According to the researcher Marting Gilbert from university of Southern California, 18th century person could master no more than 50 books in a lifetime.
    Whereas today, an average person is able to absorb the information stored in 600,000 books.
  3. Hong kong is the worlds fastest internet place. It has blazing fast internet, an average peak speed of 54.1 megabits per seconds. At this speed you can download HD movie in about 4 minutes.
  4. Search engine giant Google can handle 35 billion queries in a month.
  5. Every 8th couple of today met online through internet.
  6. The first electronic smiley appeared in 1979 when Kevin McKenzie tried expressing his emotion by electronic means. The very first electronic look like -) then 3 years later Scott Fahlman added colon “:)-” and it took formas we use to do now a days.
  7. Today 81% of emails are spam.
  8. For the year 2012, China accounted for 41% of the world’s attack traffic during the fourth quarter of 2012 making China top source of cyber assaults.
  9. United States is the largest country on Facebook, India standing 3rd. Croatia is the fastest growing Facebook country over past week.
  10. All Internet is 4 exabytes of information. By the way, 1 exabyte = 1000 petabytes; 1 petabyte = 1000 terabytes; 1 terabyte = 1000 gigabytes. Each year, this amount is doubled.
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    Omkar Fatale

    Omkar Fatale

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