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Alert: Android Malware Threat To Rise in 2013 in India

I found this news/information in Times Of India, Tech section, and I thought its worth sharing with you.

                As we all know that Google's Android OS is gaining more popularity, now-a-days, So the threats to the Androis OS are started rising. According to ESSET, a provider of security solutions to business and comsumers, viruses and worms spreading through the flash drives along with the rise in malware targeting Android OS are the main trends of malware landscape in 2013 in India.
                   Although throughout 2012 detections related to certain malware (like INF/Autorun) have been decreasing in India. USB flash drives are still an effective way of compromising computers. One of the reasons, according to ESET researchers, is that users are prone to installing pirated software including OS itself along with pirated security software. Besides, a very basic security practice as scanning removable media with security software is ignored by majority of Indian computer users.

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 Not only an exponential growth of mobile malware but the fact that malware is becoming more complex thus expanding the range of malicious actions they perform on an infected device makes it the main concern for security community in 2013. 

Simply speaking, instead of compromising system through infected flash drives and other removable media, bad guys compromise web servers to host malware and then sending out the hyperlinks leading the users to the malware. 

So Stay alert and use genuine security softwares for your Android Mobile phones. And Don't Forget to Share this with your friends so that they will get to know about this...
Omkar Fatale

Omkar Fatale

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