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NEWS:-The New J2ME/Agent.G Mobile Virus Detected - Protect Your Phone...

Hello Friends,
There is a bad news for you....
I want to inform you about the new mobile virus. This is J2ME/Agent.G.
It was Detected on 27 July 2010.

Introduction -

J2ME/Agent.G is a trojan which sends SMS messages to Premium Rate numbers.

Details -

J2ME/Agent.G is distributed in a JAR file named "files23.jar".  It claims to be an adult entertainment program.
The trojan will attempt to send the SMS messages to the number 7122. It will also offer an option to visit a pirated software site.  Selecting the option launches a browser to access the site.
J2ME/Agent.G stores both the SMS numbers and message content encoded simply in a configuration file named "Thumbs.db".

Behavior -

  1. Sends SMS messages to a Premium Rate number
  2. Accesses the Internet

How it Infects -

This trojan requires that the user intentionally install it upon the device. As always, users should never install unknown or un-trusted software. This is especially true for illegal software, such as cracked applications.
                             So friends, Secure your mobile phones and PDAs and don't install softwares and games which are untrusted.
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Omkar Fatale

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