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Starting New WordPress Blog For Java Programmnig...

Hi Friends,
I have decided to start new WordPress blog for java programming,because I know this language very well and I have done some work already in Java And J2ME.
                           This site blog is all about Java and projects and codes and discussions on every topic of Java.
As I already have a blogger blog for java particularly for J2ME which is I want to start new blog for only Java.
                           Here is the link for that blog:- . Here you can find Java projects and java source codes you can also discuss your own projects and suggest your ideas and codes to me.
Actually I am not an expert in Java but I want to share what I have...
                           As the blog is new I am customizing it and preparing it for you I will soon start posting on it. So if you think you are interested you can join me there.
                           And If you have suggestions or if you have any questions then leave comment.
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Omkar Fatale

Omkar Fatale

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