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Printer Virus: Is Your Computer Infected With This Virus...?

                   Is your printer behaving strange? Then it might be infected with a new Printer Virus!!!
There are thousands of office printers infected with this virus.
                   This virus is mainly created to infect windows OS. As several companies complained that thousands of pages of paper were wasted when the Windows virus hit their computers, security firms said the worst hit were large businesses in the US, India, Europe, and South America. The virus is learnt to be a malicious program called "Milicenso", which has been re-used many times by hi-tech crime groups.
                   Milicenso was first seen in 2010 and because it was a "malware delivery vehicle for hire" had turned up regularly ever since. It sends a 15-digit print job to the printer, then results in the printer spewing paper printed with garbage until the stack runs out. According to Symantec, the Trojan has been active for two years.

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                   Infection is the result of clicking on a compromised website, or opening a comprised email link or attachment. Upon infection, the Trojan does many things, such as link with adware. Symantec says “Based on what we have discovered so far, the garbled printouts appear to be a side effect of the infection vector rather an intentional goal of the author.”
                  Security firms have now issued updates that should spot Milicenso and clean up any infections.
Omkar Fatale

Omkar Fatale

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