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A Simple Command Promt Trick To Fool Your Friend...

If you want to fool your friend or want to do some silly trick with them then you can try this...
           A simple command prompt trick will help you do this. Though its not new to those who browse internet in searching this type of tricks.You can try this on your friends computer in his/her absence..
           Here is how you can do this..(read note before trying this)
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  • Go to start run type notepad hit enter
  • type the following code in the notepad
               @echo off
                msg * Type your message here
                goto top
  • Just replace the  "Type your message here" with your message. You can try something like "Your computer is hacked"...
  • And save the file with .bat extension
  • e.g. trick.bat
  • Finally open that batch file.
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          The message will appear infinitely even if you click "OK" button.And this is so irritating. Just sit back and watch your friends weird face...
       Important Note:- There is no way to stop this except restarting the computer.
If you have any problem or if you liked this then leave a comment and share this...
Omkar Fatale

Omkar Fatale

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