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Most Basic Trick To Hide and Protect Folder Without Using Any Software

           Though this is a basic and even old trick to hide folder without using any software, but its still effective because most of us still don't know this. As this trick to hide folder is so easy that anyone can use it. So lets directly start with the trick. Suppose you want to hide a folder ex."Secret", Steps are as follows:-

  1. Keep all your files and folder which you want to hide in "Secret" folder.
  2. Next Right click on folder "Secret">>>go to Properties. You will see something like this (win 7)
  4. Check the "Hidden" box in Attributes section
  5. Next Go to the security tab. You will see something like this
  7. Next click on edit button >>> New dialogue box "Permissions for Secret" will open
  9. Now click on Authenticated Users
  10. Below that, in the "Permissions for Authenticated user" Check the "Deny" check box infront of "Full Control" .
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  12. All the boxes under that will automatically get checked.
  13. Now Click "ok" then "Yes" Then again "ok" and So on..
  14. And finally you will see that our folder "Secret" is hidden.
  15. And even if you make it visible by going into folder option its still not accessible, it will give the following message

  For accessing it again just follow the same procedure upto step no. 9 and after that instead of "Deny" just click on "Allow" check box infront of "Full control". And click "ok" and so on. And your folder is now accessible.

If you have any problem in this just ask me by leaving the comment and Share this with your friends!!!
Omkar Fatale

Omkar Fatale

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