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How To Make your Computer Welcome You In Your Own Voice.

Do you want your computer or laptop to welcome you on start-up? Here is how you can do this.

Just follow the step by step guide:-
  •  open sound recorder. You will find it in start menu>>accesseries.
  • Now start the recorder and record the welcome message in your own voice.
  • Save the recorded file.
  • Now goto sounds. you will find it in right bottom corner of your desktop
  •  Right click on that sound icon and open sounds.
  • Click on windows logon option and then click on browse button.
  • Now choose the path where you saved that recording.
  • Now click test if you want to test it and click OK.
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That's it. Now whenever you start your computer/laptop or log on to your computer/laptop, it will welcome you in your own voice. You can record whatever message you like and assign it as a logon sound. have fun with this and share this with your friends.
Omkar Fatale

Omkar Fatale

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