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How To Use Proxy Servers In Mozilla Firefox?

Hi friends, this small tutorial will guide you through the basic steps of how to use proxy servers in Mozilla Firefox. But first you need the IP address of the proxy server you are using, and you easily can find it using Google.

Steps to follow:-
  1. Open Firefox.
  2. Click on "Firefox" button in the upper-left corner, a drop-down menu will appear(newer versions, for old versions go to tools>>option)..
  3. Next go to options>>option, a new options window will open..
  4. Navigate to the "Advanced" tab, then again click on "Netwok" tab.
  5. Click on the "Settings" button next to "Configure how Firefox connects to the Internet".
  6. Another "Connetion settings" window will open.
  7. By default "Use System Proxy Settings" Option is selected.
  8. Now click on "Manual Proxy Configuration" Option.
  9. In the "HTTP Proxy" box enter the IP address of the proxy server you want to use. And port 80 or 8080.
  10. Now just click on "OK" and "OK". And you are done.
If you want to different proxy servers then simply follow the above steps to change the IP address of proxy server. And if you want the IP addresses of free proxy servers just do a Google search or I will give you the list of new and working proxy servers in my next post. So stay tuned and have fun with this...
Omkar Fatale

Omkar Fatale

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