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Google Soon Replacing Passwords -- Will It Really?

           The search giant Google is bringing some new technology that will replace the passwords, with something they call USB keys, mobile phones and even jewellery that can act as a physical 'key' to give users access to their account.The firm's security experts including an Indian are set to publish their findings next month, as reported by the 'Daily Mail'.

           In the upcoming issue of IEEE Security & Privacy Magazine, Google Vice President of Security Eric Grosse and engineer Mayank Upadhyay will detail what is basically a physical key with a 'smart chip' embedded inside it. To log in, users simply place the tiny Universal Serial Bus (USB) drive into their computer.
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            "One option uses a tiny USB key called a YubiKey. When the user plugs the key into a latop, they are automatically logged into all of their Google accounts - without ever having to type in a password," they explained.

This was some part of information I found on internet, if you google "google replacing passwords" you will get the detailed information.

But will google really replace passwords with what they called "yubikey"? Even though they are really doing great with this new technology, there will be some advantages or disadvantages of it.

according to me
advantages could be:-
  • we won't need to type in passwords manually.
  • when we plug in the USB, we will automatically be logged into all our google accounts
and disadvantages could be:-
  • If you loose you USB, all your passwords are gone.
  • and what if it gets into wrong hands, your accounts will be miss used
  • and you can't even plug it into a public computers(eg your friend's or cyber cafe)
Tell me what is your opinion about this, by leaving your valuable comment, and share this with your friends!!!
Omkar Fatale

Omkar Fatale

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