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How To Boot/Format From USB Drive/Pen Drive?
Hello Friends,
Many of us often need to format or boot the laptop or computer for some reason. And sometimes we don't have a CD/DVD to format/boot our machines. In this situation we can simply use USB drive/ Pen drive, which is now-a-days easily available, and everyone has at least one. So this is the simple tutorial to teach you How To Boot/Format From USB Drive/Pen Drive?.

Simply follow the following steps:-

  1. First of all Create a bootable Pen drive/USB drive. If you don't know to to create a bootable USB drive/Pen drive, then check here "How to create a bootable USB drive/Pen drive?"
  2. After Creating a bootable USB drive/Pen Drive plug it into your computer or laptop and restart your computer/laptop.
  3. Next, Insert into boot menu by pressing "F12" key(most of the time it is F12).
  4. Now the Boot menu will appear with the boot options as 'cd/dvd', 'usb drive', 'hard disk' etc.
  5. Select USB drive and hit enter.
  6. Then You will see a message "To boot from... press any key" something like this, just press any key and your setup will start.
Was this tutorial helpful to you? if yes then please share this, and if you have any queries then please leave a comment...
Omkar Fatale

Omkar Fatale

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