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Want To Track Activities Of Your Friends On Facebook?

Track your Friends on Facebook

Today, one of my friend asked "how do I get all the updates from my girlfriend on Facebook? So that she don't get angry for not liking her status or photo."

So, I told him the simple solution for this problem, and the solution is Facebook "Follow" button.

So what is Follow button or what is the use of it?
ans: By using the Follow button you can get all the public updates of your friends or your favorite person.

The Follow Button used to be called the Subscribe Button. When you go to others profile you can see the Follow button. by using Subscribe or Follow button you can follow anyone, e.g your friend, teacher, co-worker, your boss, even celebrities. You can also follow people who are not your friends..

You can get following types of updates:-
  • All updates: Everything your friend posts
  • Most updates: The amount you'd normally see
  • Important updates only: Just highlights, like a new job or move 
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     Follow/Subscribe button

    You can also decide what types of updates you see. For example, you could see just photos from one friend, status updates from other, and nothing at all from someone else.

    This Subscribe or Follow button is so useful to get all the updates of your best friends, special people, or some important persons, and with or without actually being there friend, This means that you and the person your are subscribing don't have to be friends on Facebook. You can get all the publicly shared updates of that person.
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